RECTOR Center of Prayer and Evangelization

Responsible for the formation and transmission of the faith in the Center of Prayer and Evangelization St. Paul is the Rector. Fr. M. Królikowski became him on 18.10.1999 with the appointment of Fr. Bishop K. Ryczana.
His duties include: pastoral care of the Catholic Association in the New Evangelization Service „Koinonia Św. Pawel „in Kielce, leading the School of New Evangelization, as well as liturgical, formation and evangelical pastoral services for groups, movements and prayer communities as well as for non-members of the prayer groups.


Fr. M. Królikowski by Fr. Bishop K. Ryczana was appointed Pastor of the Parish of Sts. Paul Apostle on December 7, 2004. He is called to perform in this community the task of sanctifying and pastoring with the cooperation of other priests, deacons and lay faithful.

CONSULTOR to the Pontifical Council

December 7, 2011 by the decision of Benedict XVI Fr. Marian Królikowski was appointed consultant to the Pontifical Council for the Propagation of New Evangelization.
In calling for the existence of the aforementioned Council, the Holy Father set the following tasks:
- deepening the theological and pastoral importance of the new evangelization;
- promote and encourage, in close collaboration with the interested episcopates, the study, dissemination and implementation of the papal Magisterium on the subject of new evangelization;
- Familiarize and support initiatives related to the new evangelization already taking place in particular particular Churches and promote the implementation of new ones, involving also the religious orders and the faithful associations and new communities;
- studying and encouraging the use of modern forms of communication as instruments of new evangelization;
- promoting the use of the Catechism of the Catholic Church as an essential and complete formulation of the content of faith for the people of our time.