Our charisma is prayer and evangelization. Following the Apostles, we desire to devote ourselves to prayer and proclaming God’s Word.


„Koinonia” – from gr. – Community

Our Community is a community of friends, joined by God in the fraternal life. Community, which we expect for, it is above all work of God, being active in every one of us and among of us. It must be also be built by daily efforts of everyone and enriched by the share of all the brothers and sisters. Love between us, which is a sign of a true disciple and the bond of perfection, we want to express in everyday life through friendship, unconditional forgiving and fraternal admonition.
We try to fulfill everything in such a way, as to build the fraternal unity!


New forms of consecrated life in the Church are gifts of the Holy Spirit and they arise as a response to the needs of the contemporary world and people. They are works containing in themselves a specific gift of grace, given by the Holy Spirit to a group of people in the Church, for fulfillment of a particular mission in the world. They are marked by hallmarks of this epoch, in which they arise.

„Koinonia St. Paul” is a community that arised as a response to the message of Christ expressed in a missionary order (cf. Mk 16,15-20; Mt 28,18-20) and the call of the Church, especially Pope John Paul II to undertake the work of the New Evangelization (cf. RMis. 2.3.5). „Koinonia St. Paul”, basing on the traditional form of association of apostolic life, being inspired by the requirements of the new evangelization, wants to take a new form of consecrated life, adapted to the right apostolic purpose and to the needs of contemporary society (cf. Vita Consecrata, 62).


- In 1993, Fr. Marian Krolikowski together with S. Benita Skrzyp went to Rome to attend the first School of the New Evangelization and to transfer this reality to the Poland.

- The beginnings of our Community are associated with fulfillment of the ministry of evangelization performed by the brothers and sisters within the School of the New Evangelization „St. Paul” in Kielce, which works since 1993.

- After three years of shared ministry, around Fr. Marian gathered both brothers and sisters who wonted to give their whole lives to the work of the evangelization.

- In 1996, three persons: Fr. Marian Krolikowski, S. Samuela Klimas and S. Franciszka Godlewska began common life based on established rule of a day, fulfilling the charism of prayer and evangelization.

- In 1997, by Decree of Fr. Bp. Kazimierz Ryczan Ordinary of the Diocese of Kielce, Catholic Association in the Service of the New Evangelization „Koinonia St. Paul” was erected.

- In 2001, Fr. Bp. Kazimierz Ryczan Ordinary of the Diocese of Kielce approved the Principles of Life (Constitution) of the Community „Koinonia St. Paul”.