Bearing in mind the spiritual good of the faithful preparing to receive the sacraments of Christian initiation and the need to evangelize non-baptized persons, Fr. Bishop K. Ryczan erected on 19.10.2011

Diocesan Catechumenal Center
„St. Paul „in Kielce

The seat of the Center is the Parish of St. Paweł in Kielce (Bęczkowska 53a, 25-411 Kielce). The director of the Center is Fr. Marian Królikowski.

The purpose of the Center’s activities is to prepare non-baptized persons for baptism, Confirmation and the Eucharist and to help those seeking to discover and deepen their faith.

The participants of the formation are adults from across the Diocese that present themselves personally and directly to the Center or through the parish priests, that is, after the notification of his desire in his own parish.