Our prayer is inspired by God’s Word, which is its origin and nuitrition. Open for the action of the Holy Spirit we desire that Christ present in Scripture may shape us into His disciples and may make us similar to Him. We spend two hours a day on personal prayer. Everyday we participate in the Holy Mass and in the Liturgy of the Hours. Every Wednesday after the Holy Mass our Community organizes prayer meetings. Everyone is invited to take part in that.


Prayer is the foundation of the whole Christian life, the source of virtues and privileged form of encounter with God. After the example of Jesus Master, Mary and st. Paul, we want to make every effort to maintain in ourselves and in the Koinonia, spirit of prayer through personal, community and liturgical prayer. Our prayer is inspired by Word of God, flows from it and feeds on it. Cult of Holy Scripture is one of the fundamental traditions of our community. Each of us has to love and meditate Holy Scripture, drawing from it nourishment for his live.

 The daily meeting with Word of God  takes place on:

- personal prayer - 2 hours in a day (morning and afternoon):

- community prayer – Liturgy of the Hours (Lauds and Vespers):

during the Eucharist,

which is the center of our lives.