Postulate – direct stage before novitiate – is the time to ascertain of attitude and vocation of candidate. It lasts 1 year and it allows the candidate to familiarize with the life of brothers and sisters in the Koinonia, and make sure whether he realy feels called to this life.


 Novitiate lasts 2 years. It aims to:

– familiarization with the significant requirements of community life;
– introduction into practice of the evangelical counsels;
– deeper recognition of the God’s vocation;
– preparation for the apostolic activities of the community (evangelization, mission);
– enabling the community to recognize usefulness of the person in the community’s life and mission.


Juniorate is a period of formation following after novitiate. It is a period of temporary vows, before eternal profession. This has to lead persons to complete recognition of their own charism, deepening formation started in the novitiate, improve in practice of apostolate which is proper for the  Koinonia, and strengthen relationship with the „Koinonia St. Paul.”


Brothers and Sisters in the Community make ​​the same vows of chastity, poverty and obedience. They are a necessary means in  realizing of our Community. They allow us to treat and to love our brothers and sisters, that God has given us, not through the prism of body and blood, but in the spiritual dimension, by creating a relationship between us that come from the Holy Spirit. They let us to live in the community of goods, and guide us for joint searching and performing of God’s will.